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Life is easy when you’re young. You’re fed, clothed and cared for. You don’t worry, much less acknowledge the forces outside of your own control. You’re a passenger. But suddenly, with little warning, the conductor slips away, the food trolley begins to run empty and you now begin to think. How do I direct a train? Some of us are lucky to find a manual and fewer are fortunate to find food. For the handful of those who seemed to have locked in the basics, there is brief moment where things feel settled and taken care of with no more work to be done. But life knocks the door and again, with no warning, the train comes to halt. Stranded. But why? What caused the train to halt? Was it the fault of the conductor who left? Or was it our own misconception of where we were to begin with?

There comes a point when we are forced to awaken ourselves and question the very forces that have led us to where we are. Before the conductor had slipped away, we did not think to question what we were doing or where the train was going. We were simply the product of a chain reaction. But now, with the added responsibility of ourselves, we have become a conscious and factored influence of a greater interdependent network. Our “independent” decisions are far from being independent as they are 100% dependent on each and every particle far and near us.

Such a reality can often toy with our own sense of what is meaningful. How can we trust ourselves knowing just how easily we are influenced? Being remotely aware of our subconscious behavior can drive us to believe that nothing truly matters. That life is mildly or completely out of our control and we are but empty characters in its webbed simulation. But in spite of all this we have the responsibility to acknowledge that this very chaos, this connection to life, is what makes us powerful. To breathe in a vortex of uncertainty is the strength soar.

Ride on,

Not Your Therapist

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