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A Short Update 👀

Yo it's me and I'm back, back, back again. And this time I'm married. sjhflskdjhgkfjsgh lfdkjg . I know. I'll let you process. Little Miss I Don't Need a Man fell head over heals for a dreamy, goofy, dark haired, sexy Portuguese ... okay okay no more details. Those are for me *sly smirk here*.

So where was I..... Oh yeah... I'M MARRIED BITCHEZZZZZZZZZ. Who would have thunk it? Definitely not me. Before meeting... or should I say matching 👀 (remind me to tell you about that story), I had made peace with the fact that I would probably die alone. Let it be known to the jury, that I was embracing that fact. #SelfCare, amirite ladies?

Anyways, I told the universe that unless it meant business, to not even bother. Long story short, the universe said "BIPPITY BOPPITY BOO BITCH" and here we are. Formally betrothed and happily wed.

Keep in mind all of this happened in less than 6 months and that's not even the half of it. MUAHAHAHAHAHA. Stay tuned.

Live long and propser hoes ❤️


Not Your Married Therapist.

P.S: They should really make people get a psyche eval before letting them get married. I dunno. Just a thought. Regardless, I regret naaaaathing.

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