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15 Signs He Isn't Prince Charming

Updated: Feb 20, 2018

1. Your gut is telling you he isn't.

It seems fairly simple, but if you catch yourself reminiscing on the past, more than thinking about the future, there's a problem.

2. He's shot the phrase "I like girls who..."

Nope, nope and nope. You aren't his fairy god mother. If he isn't happy with what you have to offer, tell that boy bye.

3. He has a tendency to make sexist comments.

Remember that one time where he told you that he thought girls shouldn't do X,Y or Z? Sure an occasional slip is normal, but if he's committed to be an asshole, maybe it's time for a change.


4. He doesn't respect his parents, much less his mother

There are plenty of people who don't have a good relationship with their parents, but if his doesn't seem at all justified, he might be signaling to you that he's not ready to handle a committed relationship.

5. He always plans his dates with you last minute

I know it's hard not make up excuses for him, but the fact is, if he wants to see you, he'll make it a priority one way or another. Always.

6. He can't seem to compliment you for anything other than your looks. Need I say more?

7. You don't feel comfortable around him.

This feeling is often one you develop over time. You begin to feel insecure and never seem to know what he wants from you. Try communicating this feeling with him, but if he doesn't seem to respond to your worry, try putting yourself first.

8. He treats you like a child

You shouldn't accept this behavior from anybody, much less the person you're dating. You're a boss queen. Demand that respect.

9. Your conversations feel restricted

It seems as if the first date jitters never went away. You often find yourself trying to come up with the perfect conversation, not too funny, but funny enough to keep him intrigued. Conversations aren't math problems. You should be able to babble on for hours with no remorse. If you can't talk to him, why waste your time?

10. Your relationship is 80% texting

Honey child, we both know this ain't good. Texting someone is far easier than picking up the phone to talk to them. Go out with someone who is willing to sound a little awkward just for you ;)

11. He's sent unsolicited dick pics

I mean unless you're into that, RUN

12. He leaves you alone in group settings

If you're out with friends and he trails off with them, leaving you behind, it probably means that he sees you as more baggage.

13. He takes himself tooooo dammmmmn seriously

Ugh. What a turn off. If he can't crack a good joke at his own expense, you might as well hire Pennywise the clown to end it right now

14. He's always on his phone when you two are together

He either has something far more important to do or his fingers have literally been glued to his phone. Either way, it's a sticky situation.

15. He's an alien from mars sent out to kill you

Now get outa here and kick ass.


Not Your Therapist.

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