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How to Be Productive

AKA how to pretend you don't have crippling anxiety and a thirst for self sabotage.

1. Night Routine

  • Picking out your outfit for the next day, packing a small lunch or snack, and prepping your bag. This will save you time and stress.

  • Tidy up your living area; Wipe your desk, put laundry away, etc.

  • Less stress = more space to be productive (its genius, I know)

2. Zzzzzz

  • Dim/ turn off the lights

  • Add scented oils to a humidifier for extra comfort. This can become a trained signal to your body that it’s time to rest

  • Charge your phone in a different room to minimize distractions (Seriously, Brad from Tinder can wait. This is probably more satisfying anyway)


  • Morning people know that they have to turn in at a certain hour, so they’re awake and energized for the day ahead of them, making them better prioritizers, according to a 2008 study assessing the work habits of night owls vs. early risers.

  • Getting a good start to your day is essential to take the time to : Make your bed, go for a jog, and get petty work done (emails, etc.)

4. Write it down

  • Plan out times

  • Estimate how long it will take you to accomplish certain tasks

  • Set mini goals as well as write down things you look forward to in order to keep yourself motivated

5. Stay open

Don’t let one routine slip cause you to give up. It happens. Move past it. If you slip on your diet and have slice of pizza it doesn’t ruin the progress you’ve made. It’s only ruined if you decide to give up


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